Fund Poddery Campaign

Help us to keep running the services in (diaspora, matrix, xmpp).

Who we are

Poddery was one of the the earliest diaspora social networking host that was launched by Joe Bivins. Now we are running the service for past 6 years. We added Matrix and XMPP services using same username and password in past years. We are trying to run alternatives to Facebook, Whatsapp, Google chat with privacy protection. Our sole purpose is to run the services for communication so we won't monetize your data like big corporates do.

Since June 30th 2013 we are running the diaspora service at, now close to 6 years. We saved this service around 6 years back when it was about to close down. See and for our last two campaigns.

  • We host more than 4400+ users in the diaspora network
  • We are now running Matrix and XMPP services (Both offer End to End encryption) for our users.
  • We stand up for privacy and resisting surveillance. We host our services outside USA.
  • We have an uptime of 98.26% for the diaspora pod according to

Why we need funding?

Your funding will help us continue to upgrade and maintain these privacy aware free software alternatives to Facebook, Whatsapp or Google Hangouts. It puts you in control of your own data and privacy. The funding will also cover the additional infrastructure costs (Storage expansions, Network Bandwidth upgrade) in addition to server cost for a period of 2 years.

  • We are hosting with Currently it costs 28.13 USD for one month and 337.56 USD per year.
  • You'll ensure private communications for over 4400+ users. You can join the team too!
  • If we can't raise enough funds for 2 years, we'll keep it running as long as the funds last.
  • All contributors will be listed on See previous contributors list.
  • If every user in poddery decided to pay for the service, it would be less than 8¢ per head. What you can get for 8¢? Psst.. Free Internet!

5$ (USD)

Name on Donors Page

Your name will be put on the donors page.

10$ (USD)

Name and URL on Donors Page

Name on the "Donors" List with link back to your url (homepage/blog/any url) and the one above.

42$ (USD)

Large Photo on Donors Page

Large photo on "Donors"(for max 5 persons) page and all the ones above.

100$ (USD)

Name on Homepage

Name on front page (for max 20 persons) and all the ones above.

300$ (USD)

Photo on Homepage

Home Page Logo/Photo - size 250x250 (for max 6 persons) for one year and all the ones above.

400$ (USD)

Sidebar Logo

Sidebar Logo - size 100x100 (every page - max 3 persons) for one year and all the ones above.


Other Options

You can contribute to below bank account directly or using UPI.

Account Details

Name: Sruthi Chandran
Account No: 104501511006
IFSC Code: ICIC0001045
UPI ID: srud@icici, is one of the earliest and biggest diaspora social networking host.

Diaspora is a culture. A culture against the loss of personal privacy by the corporate social network giants. Diaspora enables you to keep your data with you and provides the flexibility to choose what you share. Since your data is stored on your own computer and not a single company's servers you are in control of your data.

Diaspora, being a distributed system, is actually a network of multiple instances of the software Diaspora. These instances are called pods. You can think of it like a mobile service provider or an email provider. You can chose to have diaspora account from any of these accounts from or you can choose poddery to be your diaspora host.



Matrix is a decentralised instant messenger which supports end to end encryption and file sharing. You can connect with your friends and communities here.

Matrix by default allows you to integrate with IRC and other communication medias. Riot is a client side application with slack like interface and with markdown support.


Poddery supports chatting among your contacts in Diaspora and anybody with an account on a service supporting XMPP. You need to enable chat on your Poddery account to make use of it. See this tutorial for help. There are various chat clients available for your PC, tablet or phone.




Free Software Community of India co-ordinates the FOSS related activities in India.

Free Software Community of India connects organisations that follow Free Software Philosophy all over India. If you want to join the movement, you can participate in the loomio discussion here. There is also a wiki maintained by FSCI, can act as a resource hub for everyone. You can also search for free software community near you from here.

How else can you contribute?

If you are a developer, you can contribue to code at fosscommunity gitlab repo.

If you are not a programmer, you can contribute by adding documentation in wiki.

Join discussions at our Loomio group or you can participate at matrix discussions.